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BaSys-Bartels Systembeschläge GmbH produces in Kalletal, which is located in North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany. Due to our high vertical range of production and an increased stock, we ensure that we can continue to deliver at a high level.
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STABILO striking plate system

With its comprehensive “Stabilo” striking plate systems, Basys claims to lead the German market. The material used – steel and stainless steel – has a matt, finely brushed surface and provides a high-quality look. However, it also has a positive effect on the closing behaviour and guarantees the required durability of the plate, which must withstand the permanent contact of the latch bolt during closing operations.

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Main Locking Plate, light, rebated

Item Description



Striking plate system for rebated doors /face frames, has to be recessed, suitable for all DIN locks; Note: the external dimensions correspond to those of solid striking plates (System1) so that the striking plate fits into the same recess Compatibility: Saftey plates with reference A-H
Item number Finish
039254 silberfarbig
039329 Niro gebürstet
039353 goldfarbig
040342 neusilber
040166 vergoldet


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