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Here you can find the current documents as pdf files for your personal download:

  • Technical documents
  • Marketing documents
  • Certificates/Declarations of Performance
  • Technical documents

    • General comment to load capacities

      In our catalogue pages you can find information regarding the load capacity of the respective hinge system

      It is crucial to understand that this value is a normative load capacity. It relates to a pair of hinges which carry a door leaf of 1.000 x 2.000 mm (width x height). This leaf is not equipped with additional accessories which may increase the load to the hinge, such as door closer or door stopper

      You can find more information about this subject in our catalogue introduction.

    • Installation Instructions

      Please find in this section how to install and adjust our hinge systems.

    • Adjustment Instructions

      What needs to be considered during adjustment of our hinge systems?

    • Maintenance Advice

    • Cut-Out Templates

  • Marketing documents

    • BaSys Product Brochures

      In addition to the technical information in the product section please find in this section the brochures presenting our product families.

    • T6 Brochure

      BaSys is a member of the T6 Group ( for mutual export activities. Please find in this section the current brochure which informs about all members and their products.

  • Certificates/Declarations of Performance

    • CE-Certificates

      Most of our product portfolio is certified according to the current European regulations.

    • Declarations of Performance (DoP)

      Based on the afore mentionned CE-Certificates we provide following DoP's.

    • UL-Certificates

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