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  1. Between safety & sound experience: doors for a concert hall in Franconia in Wuerttemberg

    The Tauberphilharmonie Weikersheim sees itself “as a genuine pilot project of an acoustically and architecturally outstanding building away from conurbations”. HENN architects realised a building that finely harmonises the propagation and non-propagation of sound and tone. Multifunctionality and accessibility also play a role. The sustainable construction method is oriented towards the future. Object doors from […]

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  2. Doors to world heritage: BaSys refines the “Cristal” hotel on the Latemar mountain

    At the end of the Eggental valley, there is nothing more except peace, natural freshness and the mighty Latemar massif. The mountain in the Dolomites, a UNESCO world heritage site, dominates the landscape around the Karersee lake. The Thaler family, who were already running a farm here at an altitude of 1,600 metres in the […]

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  3. The Alte Ölmühle adventure: The charm of historical industrial culture

      Wittenberge holds surprises. The town in the Prignitz district, half way between Berlin and Hamburg, is in no way inferior to its namesake, the Lutherian Town of Wittenberg without “e”, either culturally and historically. In 1823, the merchant Salomon Herz initiated the industrial age with the construction of an oil mill, which was considered […]

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  4. Detailed perfection unites art and architecture: BaSys at the centre of musical excellence

    The students of the Karlsruhe University of Music describe their multimedia complex, “MUT” for short, as a “musical-technical synthesis of the arts”. It is bold in its architecture, and it meets the highest standards. The modern, purist rectangular structure was built in the immediate vicinity of the tradition-rich Gottesaue renaissance castle in 2013. Both buildings […]

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  5. BMW Headquarters, Munich

    Not only among architects, the BMW Tower in Munich is often mentioned as one of the most notable examples of modern architecture.   More than 30 years after its completion, the entire interior was completely renovated. As an “invisible” detail, BaSys concealed hinges PIVOTA® DX 180 3-D took part in this project.   Architects of […]

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  6. “The day should belong to you!” – BaSys opens doors for children

    Directly behind the All Saints’ Church in Frankfurt there is a light-flooded building that invites you to spend the day here. Indeed, every week from Monday to Friday around 80 children follow this call. The doors of the All Saints Kindergarten of the Catholic parish of St. Bartholomew are opened accordingly often – with hinges […]

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  7. Town Library, Leipzig

    Reliability and safety are just a few quality features of doors in a public building. Silent function another aspect, especially in a library. This is why architect and door manufacturer, Schörghuber Spezialtüren KG, have relied on products from BaSys. PIVOTA® DX 200 3-D and DX 300 3-D carry the big and heayv doors – reliable […]

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