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“The day should belong to you!” – BaSys opens doors for children

Directly behind the All Saints’ Church in Frankfurt there is a light-flooded building that invites you to spend the day here. Indeed, every week from Monday to Friday around 80 children follow this call. The doors of the All Saints Kindergarten of the Catholic parish of St. Bartholomew are opened accordingly often – with hinges from BaSys – Bartels Systembeschläge based in Kalletal.


Based on the motto “The day should belong to you!”, the objective is to empower children of different social and cultural backgrounds to understand their position in the world and to bestow them with negotiating skills as a comprehensive ability to navigate safely, curiously and confidently through the world. The architecture of the building should also encourage this: doors can also be easily moved by children’s hands, and adults who carry children on their arms or in their pushchair will appreciate the ergonomics of the door construction.


The company Krebbers GmbH & Co. KG of Krefeld, a specialist in window and facade technology, has realized a modular system for sophisticated views from new multi-award-winning kindergarten buildings at five different locations throughout Frankfurt. The challenge for the All Saints Kindergarten was to create post-and-beam structures made of metal and wood with tilt-and-turn special elements for passive house construction. The special material selection and the large window and door elements required a high level of expertise during the special production and assembly process.


Krebbers works in accordance with all applicable standards and guidelines, in particular according to the RAL quality and test regulations. As a fittings partner, the products from BaSys fit seamlessly into these quality requirements. Jan Krebbers: “In terms of details, we are also true to our principle: quality without compromise. We have been working with BaSys fittings for years. We are impressed by the reliable quality, the design and the ideal adjustability.”


The “Objecta 2541/160/56-4” heavy-duty door hinges for door weights of up to 160 kg per pair and the “Objecta STV113/56 3-D” hinge retainers for door weights of up to 200 kg per pair are used in the All Saints Kindergarten, whereby the pocket can be additionally affixed through the hollow adjusting spindles, thanks to the patented attachment. 3D hinge retainers adapt the frame construction and enable the adjustment of the door in height, depth and side play without the need to remove the door. Safety pins or carrying pins provide additional stability.


With the “Objecta” product range, BaSys has designed a door-hinge system which is just as functional as it is aesthetically pleasing, which is geared to a high frequency of opening and closing cycles and which requires no maintenance throughout its service life. This is ensured by the high-quality bearing system in which flange bushings with enlarged sliding surfaces are embedded in a special plastic for minimum friction. “Objecta” door hinges are tested and certified in accordance with DIN EN 1935 and conform to CE hinge classes 11 and 14 respectively.


A fixing pin featured in all “Objecta” door hinges distinguishes the product from the usual standard. Acting as fixing pins, the grub screws provide the additional benefit of burglary protection because when the door is closed they prevent the hinge pin from disengaging and the shaft from being driven out easily. These heavy-duty hinges also meet the demands on smoke protection, fire protection, sound insulation as well as escape safety.


A convenient side-effect: the hinges can be used equally for both left and right-hand opening doors, meaning that elaborate conversions are not necessary. They are available in all common finishes, designs, dimensions and special measurements. The fittings are fully premounted.




Photographer: Daniel Vieser . Architekturfotografie, Karlsruhe – all rights reserved.
Doors: Krebbers,

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