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  1. Strong & lean: Discreet barrel for heavy doors

    They need to be strong for reliable continuous operation. And ever stronger as requirements increase. However, they should not be conspicuous and should blend discreetly into the door and wall design. This balancing act has long been achieved with concealed door hinge systems. At Fensterbau Frontale from 19 to 22 March 2024 in Nuremberg, BaSys […]

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  2. The door closer that you can neither see nor feel: Pivota DXS Close combines design, function and ease of use

    The door closer works together with the hinge and disappears into the door leaf. Hidden from view, it ensures that doors close gently and automatically. However, this is not the only advantage offered by the concealed hinge “Pivota DXS Close”: Despite the integrated door closer, the door offers no resistance when opening. Basys will be […]

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  3. When leaf and frame apply thick: Concealed door hinge overcomes claddings on both sides

    When door leaves and frames are cladded, there may be functional reasons for this, such as improved sound insulation. In most cases, however, visual arguments play a role with the aim of creating a modern, flush-to-wall design.   At Fensterbau Frontale 2024, Basys will be presenting the “Pivota DX 110 3-D”, a solution for overcoming […]

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  4. Flush on the outside, strong on the inside: Concealed door hinge for frame claddings

    With the “Pivota DXS 80 3-D ZA Steel”, Basys is presenting a concealed hinge for flush doors at Fensterbau Frontale 2024 that meets the architectural trend towards frameless doors and flush designs, even with heavier door weights. The “Pivota DXS 80 3-D ZA Steel” was developed for frame claddings and carries 120 kilograms of door […]

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  5. Quick fitting for hinges & striking plates: Basys offers online configurator for finish selection

    What does the desired door hinge look like in a certain shade of black? How does a striking plate in “satin nickel plated” look? What is the difference between the “brass-coloured”, “bronze-coloured” and “light red gold” finishes? Basys has integrated a configurator into its website to help customers choose the right finish for hinge and […]

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  6. Discreet look, powerful effect: BaSys at the Fensterbau Frontale 2024

    They should be strong for reliable long-term function. And ever more powerful as requirements increase. However, they must not be conspicuous and should blend discreetly into the door and wall design. This balancing act has long been achieved with concealed door hinge systems. At Fensterbau Frontale from 19 to 22 March 2024 in Nuremberg, BaSys […]

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  7. Between safety & sound experience: doors for a concert hall in Franconia in Wuerttemberg

    The Tauberphilharmonie Weikersheim sees itself “as a genuine pilot project of an acoustically and architecturally outstanding building away from conurbations”. HENN architects realised a building that finely harmonises the propagation and non-propagation of sound and tone. Multifunctionality and accessibility also play a role. The sustainable construction method is oriented towards the future. Object doors from […]

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  8. Positive BAU balance sheet: Basys confirms expectations as an innovator.

    After BAU 2023, which took place in Munich in April after a four-year break, Basys – Bartels Systembeschläge from Kalletal once again drew a positive conclusion. Where the building hardware manufacturer has traditionally presented itself in the midst of its customers for 20 years, the company was able to substantiate its claim to innovation leadership […]

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  9. Functional fusion – Hinge and door closer as a team on a concealed mission

    With the “Pivota DXS Close 2.0”, BaSys is presenting the revised and patented version of its concealed door hinge with integrated door closer at BAU 2023. The first version impressed right from the start at BAU 2017 and won the “Architecture + Construction Innovation Award”. With the update, BaSys replaces the short-lived gas-filled spring and […]

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  10. Concealed technology, combined function – Interview with the Bartels brothers about the “Pivota DXS Close 2.0”

    “Pivota DXS Close” is a concealed door hinge that integrates the closing mechanism. Flush doors move gently and automatically into the lock. The combined technology of hinge and closing mechanism, which works completely concealed, was developed by Bartels Systembeschläge GmbH from Kalletal, BaSys for short. Albert and Jürgen Bartels, managing owners, answered some questions about […]

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