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Digital Expo – Pivota FX2 80 3-D

The development work for the concealed entrance door hinges had a positive effect on the hinges for interior doors at Basys, the manufacturer of building hardware. Analogous to the “Masterband”, Basys also shifted the side gap adjustment to the frame part of the hinge “Pivota FX2” – developed for rebated interior doors. The leaf part is now considerably smaller. It no longer moves during adjustment and remains concealed.


The well-known “Pivota FX2 60 3-D” for rebated standard interior doors had a disadvantage: When adjusting the side gap, it happened that the leaf-side hinge body slid out of the door rebate. With the new “Pivota FX2 80 3-D”, Basys is now addressing design-oriented customers who rely on concealed hinges for rebated doors.


With this innovation, all three adjustment dimensions, the height adjustment (+/- 3 mm), the pressure of the seal (+/- 1 mm) and now also the side gap adjustment (+/- 3 mm) are located in the frame part of the hinge. The leaf part of the new model no longer moves during adjustment and remains concealed – when viewed from the outside and when the door is closed.


The new adjustment technology has a pleasant side effect: The leaf part of the hinge now has a significantly lower overall height and is pleasantly retracted when the door is open. The hinge weighs less overall. The normative load capacity of the “Pivota FX2 80 3-D” is still 80 kilograms per pair.


Since the new “Pivota FX2 80 3-D” changes the dimension for the leaf-side milling, Basys discontinues production of the “Pivota FX2 60 3-D”.


The tried and tested fixing devices, such as fixing plates for case frames or retainers for steel frames, can continue to be used without any changes.

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PIVOTA ® FX2 80 3-D

Item Description

Standard load:

Maximum door weight 80 kg (per pair)


Concealed hinge for rebated doors, hinge leaves are mortised into frame and door; 3-dimensional adjustability, maintenance-free bearings;


Safety plate for frame part, retainer for casing or steel frames Note: also available in "Design"-option
Item number Finish
041108 velour vernickelt
041168 Alu Look F1


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