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Digital Expo – Pivota DX38 N 3-D

Basys has optimized one of its best-selling hinges for better processing. The “Pivota DX 38 3-D”, a concealed hinge for flush interior doors weighing up to 60 kg per pair, now has a higher opening dimension. The greater distance between the two hinge bodies ensures that the hinge can be milled deeper into the material on the leaf and frame side. This stabilizes the overall construction.


It was the distance between the leaf and the frame that was sometimes very tight when the door was opened and closed. This was reason enough for Basys to rework its bestseller. With the aim of retaining the small design, the manufacturer optimized the hinge geometry and increased the opening dimension; for example, when the door is opened 180 degrees, there are now not just 10 but 13 millimeters between the two hinge bodies.


The new milling ratio has proven its worth above all in the wood sector. Up to 33 percent more material remains at the edge and milling is easier. If the milling position remains unchanged, the leaf and frame have a greater distance between them when opening and closing.


The optimized model completely replaces the existing “Pivota DX 38 3-D”. For the user, this means that he has to set the milling pockets deeper for the new version: On the leaf side 31 instead of 28 mm, on the frame side 26 instead of 24 mm. External dimensions and contours remain unchanged. The tried and tested fasteners, such as fixing plates for case frames, can still be used.

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PIVOTA ® DX 38 "N" 3-D

Item Description

Standard load:

Maximum door weight 60 kg (per pair)


Concealed hinge for non-rebated doors, hinge leaves are mortised into frame and door; 3-dimensional adjustability, maintenance-free bearings


PIVOTA ® safety plate for frame part, retainer for casing or steel frames Note: incl. fixing screws
Item number Finish
041084 velour vernickelt
041159 Edelstahl Look
041174 Alu Look F1


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