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Hinge Receiver STV “Inclino” – for interior doors

Let’s tilt! With “STV Inclino”, Basys rethinks 3D adjustment

At the first digital T6 trade fair, exhibitor Basys is also presenting a premiere product. With the new hinge receiver “STV Inclino 3-D”, the building hardware manufacturer has completely rethought the topic of 3-dimensional adjustment. For the first time, the hinge is tilted within the receiver to adjust the side gap. This enables precise and simple adjustment in three directions, especially in the area of lighter hinge systems for interior doors.


The name “Inclino” refers to the new type of movement, which functions similarly to a joint in the articular cavity. For this purpose, the three clamping screws of the steel receiver are loosened and the hinge with the frame part is inserted. The middle screw is now used first to fix it in place, but also to set the sealing pressure. Then the height of the hinge is adjusted as usual; the adjustment of the side gap works by tilting the hinge inside the steel pocket. Once the height and side gap have been adjusted, the upper and lower screws are also tightened. The new hinge receiver works without the usual spindles which are normally used for side adjustment.


“STV Inclino 3-D” is available as a weld-in version for steel frames, but also as a screw-in version with angled cover plate for solid frames and case frames made of wood. The normative load capacity is 70 kilograms per pair, which is why the new hinge receiver is suitable for heavy interior doors, but also for lighter project doors.


Basys designed “STV Inclino 3-D” for all hinges with a commercially available hinge middle part familiar from the steel frame sector. Therefore, the new hinge mount is not only compatible with the “2680 Combica” and “2080 Objecta” hinge systems from Basys. It also functions independently of the hinge manufacturer.

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