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Cable Connector PIVOTA ® “Connect” S

Cable connector with plugs: Convenient installation with “Pivota Connect S”

Showing whether a room is free or occupied when the door is closed, providing flexible information via a display in the door leaf, opening and closing doors with automatic or motorised assistance – if energy can flow between the frame and the door leaf, the door can be equipped with additional security and convenience features. Basys has developed the concealed cable connector “Pivota Connect” for this purpose. Here, an 8-pole cable protected by a spiral leads from the door leaf to the frame. At T6-Expo 2021, the company will present a new variant with plugs.


With the “S-variant” of “Pivota Connect”, Basys solves several problems for customers at once: Here, the cables supplied with the “K-variant” – 1 metre on the leaf side and 2 metres on the frame side – were often no longer used at all. If they were, their length had to be adapted to the individual door construction. In addition, there were difficulties in connecting the cables from the Basys kit with the cables already on site and routed to the cable connector.


“Pivota Connect S” is now ideal for all door manufacturers and fabricators who have already laid cables in the door element and want to connect them simply and cleanly with the cable connector. The kit therefore contains the “Pivota Connect” pre-assembled with a plug on both the frame and the leaf side and additionally two plugs for the cables already laid at the customer’s door element. The connection, which can be disconnected at any time, ensures convenient installation.


The concealed cable connector “Pivota Connect” fits into the family of concealed hinges, but can also be combined with other Basys hinge systems; any door and frame geometry remains intact. With 18 mm width, the very narrow cable connector works in a concealed manner and secures the power supply without any crushing. The product with its high-quality appearance has all the design options that the Basys hinge systems also offer. In addition to the standard “brushed stainless steel” finish, the cable connector can be supplied in a variety of other finishes.

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