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ConcEaled hinges

Doors with high design demand ask for concealed fittings. In the case of hinges this automatically defined in the past the door section to be non-rebated.  A concealed hinge solution for rebated doors, offering an opening angle of 180°, was not available.


With the hinge system PIVOTA®  FX BaSys overcomes this restriction and offers as the first hinge manufacturer the possibility to equip rebated doors with concealed hinge technology, without waiving 3-dimensional adjustment or 180° opening.



The hinge system is currently available in 3 load capacities:

  • PIVOTA® FX1 100 3-D for rebated doors up to 120 kg weight
  • PIVOTA® FX1 150 3-D for rebated doors up to 160 kg weight
  • PIVOTA® FX2 80 3-D for rebated doors up to 80 kg weight and standard rabbet geometry

For the first time, using PIVOTA® FX2 80 3-D a rebated door with standard rabbet geometry can be equipped with a concealed hinge.


PIVOTA® is a registered trade mark of Bartels Systembeschlaege GmbH.

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