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Heavy Duty Hinges

Today`s builders, architects and building designers need comprehensive security in all aspects of planning and realising big construction projects. Economic aspects, advisory skills and the ability to deliver are equally crucial elements as the reliability of the products used, which must also comply with continuously increasing requirements in the fields of sound insulation, fire protection and burglary protection.


Thanks to a consistent system technology as an important design feature, our maintenance-free BaSys Heavy Duty Hinge programme perfectly meets the aforementioned requirements. Due to the integrated fixing pins and the special slide bearing of the hinge pin, the single hinge components are arbitrarily exchangeable. Fixing pins which are obligatory for the whole programme also provide additional burglary protection because when the door is closed the hinge pin cannot be removed.


Traditionally, product requirements in commercial building projects are highly specific. Our Heavy Duty Hinges meet these requirements with an almost universal range of equipment options which leave nothing to be desired with regard to door rabbet or weight, fastening system and security. Our hinges come in lengths of 100, 120, 155 and 160 mm and provide useful extras such as welded security studs (abbr.: SE), screwed pivot pins (abbr.: PI), continuous seals (abbr.: CS), decorativeheads (abbr.: DT) or burglary proof models (abbr.: RC). Besides, we are also offering a spring hinge version.


Our standard range of finishes for this product segment includes nickel plated, satin nickel plated, gold plated, white powder coated, chrome plated, satin chrome plated as well as brushed or polished stainless steel. Irrespective of the execution in steel or stainless steel, the material thickness remains the same so that no differences may occur during the milling process. Additional project specific finishes, such as PVD, are possible on request.

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