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Better seal, smaller size, higher stability: Impressive update for system fittings from BaSys at Frontale

Right on time for Fensterbau Frontale, the world-leading windows, doors and facades trade show taking place in Nuremberg from 18 to 21 March 2020, building hardware manufacturer BaSys from Kalletal has updated hinges from its main product groups. External doors in particular close with a perfectly tight seal thanks to the technical advancements made to concealed hinges and the hinge receivers for barrel hinges. The development work for front-door hinges has also provided positive effects on hinges for internal doors.


Developed specifically for rebated front doors and apartment doors with an 18 mm overlap and leaf seal, and already holding the German Design Award, the “Masterband FX2 120 3-D FD” hinge is undergoing radical change for Fensterbau Frontale 2020. BaSys is also moving the side gap adjustment to the frame part of the hinge. During adjustment, this now rules out any adverse effect on the sealing performance of external doors which, in particular, are exposed to weathering and fluctuating temperatures.


Innovative adjustment technology


BaSys has taken the same innovative adjustment technology from the concealed “Masterband” hinge and applied it to the related “Pivota FX2 80 3-D” hinge developed for rebated interior doors – with positive side effect. The leaf part of the hinge is now much smaller. As on the “Masterband”, it no longer moves while it is being adjusted and remains concealed.


Protected from driving rain


BaSys has added a significant detail to the “STV 135/56 3-D” hinge receiver for doors weighing up to 300 kilograms per pair. The adjustable steel receiver provides the hinge with reliable, sturdy support, even in conjunction with parliament hinge models producing high levels of leverage – of the type occurring with aluminium claddings mounted on wooden frames and leafs. BaSys has now added a sealing lip to the slot in the hinge receiver to prevent the penetration of rainwater, particularly from doors in the building facade.


Easier installation and better stability


For Fensterbau Frontale 2020, BaSys is optimising one of its best-selling hinges to enhance installation. The “Pivota DX 38”, a concealed hinge for non-rebated interior doors weighing up to 60 kilograms per pair, now has a greater distance between the two hinge bodies when opened to an angle of 180 degrees. This distance between leaf and door frame makes it possible to recess the hinge to a greater depth in the material on both sides, stabilising the overall construction.